Trying to Insure Your Commercial Property? You Need to COPE

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If you are a commercial property owner in the process of trying to insure your property—whether it be an office building, apartment complex, or gas station, etc.—you need to be familiar with the acronym – C.O.P.E.

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Safety Advice: 5 Ways to Keep Your Insurance Premiums Low

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When it comes to insurance, most companies are not excited to purchase it. Unfortunately, it is a necessary item for any business owner. Typically, you want good insurance coverage with low costs.

One way to make sure your insurance premium is low is to have a good safety plan. Good safety is the easiest way to lower your insurance premiums. Here are some ideas you can implement into your current safety program that will help lower your insurance premiums:

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Is a Workers' Comp Self-Insurance Program Right for Your Company?

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Workers’ compensation self-insurance programs are risk management techniques where a firm sets aside a pool of money to provide for any unexpected losses that occur. This is done instead of purchasing a third-party insurance program, also known as a fully-insured plan. So, instead of paying worker’s compensation premiums, that money is earmarked for this special fund to pay for any claims that are incurred.

There are different types of workers’ comp self-insurance available to your company.

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4 Types of Commercial Auto Insurance You May Need

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Commercial Automobile Insurance is a policy that combines physical damage and liability coverages for amounts, situations, and usage of business vehicles that are not a personal auto policy doesn’t cover. This type of business insurance covers a variety of vehicles, from automobiles used for business—including company cars—to a wide variety of commercial trucks.

Within a Commercial Auto policy, there are 4 major types of protection that are usually offered. 

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How Do I Save Money On My Commercial Auto Insurance?

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These days, business commercial auto insurance policy premiums are rising exponentially. Here are a few suggestions on how your company might be able to reduce your Auto premiums.

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Breaking Down Workers' Compensation Premiums

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Workers’ compensation insurance provides employees with lost wages, medical treatment and death benefits (to employee’s families) for job-related accidents or injuries. It is frequently a construction company’s single most expensive line of coverage. Let’s look at how your workers’ compensation premium is calculated and what you can do to keep your cost as low as possible.   

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How Project-Specific PLI & OPPI Protect You from Risk

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As an Owner or Developer embarking on a new construction project, you must plan for a tremendous amount of risks. Some of this risk exposure is a direct result of the professionals and designers you will hire to help complete your project. Let’s explore two options that can offer protection from this third-party risk.

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Commercial Package Policy – Structuring a Contractor’s Insurance Program

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Contractors’ insurance programs are often written under a commercial package policy (CPP). A CPP is a package policy, which is a single policy that includes multiple coverages written as separate policies. It utilizes separate, stand-alone forms for each policy, each with its own declaration page alongside a master CPP declaration page that details all of the coverage parts.

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Starting a New Project? Consider Getting OPPI

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Building Owners, Developers, Governmental agencies, and any other entity undertaking a design and construction project, face a wide range of risks before, during and after the work has been completed. In undertaking this project, you will engage a wide variety of professionals to provide everything from consultation, to design, to construction management, and inspections. Each entity is hired to provide professional services within their respective field, to ultimately deliver your desired outcome within your overall project schedule.

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What is Railroad Protective Liability?

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Construction projects built alongside or over a railroad carry with them a unique set of risks which are not addressed in a contractor’s general liability policy. That is due to the fact that a contractors’ general liability policy contains an exclusion for the contractors work within 50 feet of a railroad. As a result, all railroad operators will require the contractor(s) to provide a Railroad Protective Policy in addition to all other insurance requirements.    

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