TSIB Brings Sunshine This Summer

Every year TSIB works with an organization that positively impacts our communities. This year we chose to work with Project Sunshine.

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Small vs Large Insurance Deductible Plans

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Deciding the type of insurance plan can be frustrating. Ultimately you want the best coverage, for the most cost-effective price. There are different insurance types or risk financing options you can choose based on your company. One popular option is a Deductible plan.

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Risk Financing Options: Guaranteed Cost

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Insurance is usually one of the last things companies want to talk about. It’s not fun or exciting, it’s simply a means to transferring risk. The necessity of insurance doesn’t make it any easier when figuring out the best risk financing option for your company. Depending on your trade and the type of risk you are wanting to transfer, will determine the best insurance option for you.

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The Wrap-Up Closeout Report

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Having an effective closeout strategy is critical to successfully completing your Wrap-Up program. The overall process of a program closeout starts as soon as early trades complete their work on the project.

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When Your Brokerage Needs a Partner

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As a broker, you may have a client who would benefit from a Wrap-Up project. Unfortunately, your brokerage firm doesn’t place or administrator Wrap-Up policies. This can be a problem for you, as your client is going to need a broker that does.

Instead of losing your client to a competitor, consider partnering with a broker that not only places Wrap-Up coverages but also manages the Wrap-Up Administration. These administrative duties could include handling the subcontractor enrollments, payroll, and COI tracking.

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The Anatomy of an MWBE Fraud Scheme Investigation

Image credit: YokPiyapong042/shutterstock.com

Over the last few weeks, our posts have discussed different types of fraud schemes that might occur in relation to goal requirements for certified Minority, Women, and Disadvantaged Businesses (MWBE or MWDBE) on projects with diversity goals. We also cited cases associated with those schemes that resulted in fines, imprisonment, and/or monitorships. In each case, an investigation produced and analyzed the evidence that resulted in successful indictments and the resulting penalties.  

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Brokers Minimize Your Construction Risks

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There is a windfall of new construction projects coming due to an infrastructure bill that President Biden signed into law in 2021. The bill indicates that $1 trillion will be spent in the next 5 years. In order to capitalize on this influx of new activity and grow their businesses, contractors should obtain assistance from their trusted advisors such as their insurance broker.

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MWBE Fraud Schemes: What is a Trucking Scheme?

Image credit: Rob Wilson/shutterstock.com

As a business owner bidding on projects with diversity requirements, there is more to concern yourself with than simply submitting a competitive bid. You need to be aware of the various Minority, Women, and Disadvantaged Businesses (MWDBE) goal requirement schemes, so you do not unwittingly get caught in something deceptive and illegal. We have been writing about these schemes recently, including pass- throughs and fronts. This post will examine what is known as a Trucking Scheme.

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Topics: Diversity Outreach, Commercially Useful Function (CUF), MWBE

What is Contractual Risk Transfer?

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Contracts are often complicated and if you are not an expert in reading them, sometimes important details can be overlooked. There are significant risks inherent in every construction project. These risks can be driven by site conditions, the scope of work, an owner, or the contractors themselves. Regardless of the origin of the risk(s), they all have one thing in common - each contract executed will contain a clause transferring those risks from one party to another. This is done to eliminate a party’s exposure to risk.

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Topics: Contracts, Contractual Risk Transfer

MWBE Fraud Schemes: What is a Front?

Image credit: gorodenkoff/shutterstock.com

Fraudulent schemes have become increasingly commonplace in relation to goal requirements for certified MWBE’s (Minority, Women, and Disadvantaged Businesses) on projects with diversity goals. In previous blogs, we have discussed pass through and supply schemes. This week we will examine a scheme known as a “Front”.

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