Diffusing the Risk of California Workers’ Compensation Litigation

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Navigating the Workers’ Compensation (WC) system can be confusing and overwhelming. Injured employees need to feel comfortable with the system, with the employer’s response, and with the benefits they are entitled to. When an employee is injured, their livelihood can be seriously affected. Unfortunately, a collective myth exists in the injured worker’s mind that their employment is in jeopardy because of this incident. How stressful is that?

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5 Facts About Claims Reserves

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No matter how safe your company may be, accidents are unfortunately inevitable—and when accidents happen, claims will follow. Did you know when a claim is settled, insurance companies pay the policyholder from a claims reserve? Continue reading this post to learn five important facts about claims reserves.

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12 Claims Best Practices for Your Construction Company (Part 2)

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We hope you enjoyed Twelve Best Claims Practices Your Construction Company Should Follow (Part 1). We’ve given you six effective claims best practices to follow, but there are several other important practices to abide by.

We’re here to help you lower loss rates and premiums, and improve your overall experience modification rating. To ensure your company’s claims management is built for success, here are six additional claims best practices you should know. 

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