Why EPLI Coverage Is So Important Right Now

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In today’s #MeToo corporate climate, no company, large or small, is immune to the lawsuits that are becoming more commonplace. Lawsuits can mean costly legal and attorney fees that will hit your company’s bottom line. In some instances, these costs can decimate a business, with no hope of recovering. The average cost for defending and settling employment law cases is $160,000. How can you protect your business against such possible future claims? Look into Employment Practices Liability Insurance (EPLI).

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What Type of Coverage Does Employer's Liability Insurance Provide?

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Employers Liability Insurance (ELI) is coverage provided by the workers’ compensation policy for the insured (employer) for liability to employees for work-related bodily injury. This includes death, by accident or disease, other than liability imposed on the insured by a workers’ compensation law. These are the 4 common types of employers liability claims.

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What is EPLI and Why is it Needed?

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Employment Practices Liability Insurance (EPLI) covers businesses against claims by workers whose legal rights as employees of a company may have been violated. EPLI covers losses that would not be covered by General Liability policies. In fact, General Liability policies specifically exclude employment practices liability. Here is what your company needs to know about employment practices liability insurance and why it is needed. 

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