4 Essential Items Needed to Enroll in a Wrap-Up

4 Essential Items Needed to Enroll in a Wrap-Up

First time enrolling in a Wrap-Up insurance program? Here are 4 items you should have available to expedite the enrollment process with any Wrap Administrator.

  1. Your Insurance Broker’s Information
    Having a quick & easy way to reach your corporate insurance broker will keep enrolling simple. You will want to inform your insurance broker immediately when you need to enroll in a Wrap-Up, as they will inform your corporate insurance carriers as well. This helps avoid confusion during audits and any future claims. 

  2. W-9 Form
    Your Wrap policy is directly associated with your Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN) or tax ID. Most Wrap Administrator contractor portals will link the following documents to your tax ID:
    • login information
    • policies
    • contracts
    • documentation

    Having your company’s W-9 on hand will not only provide your company’s tax ID number but also provide the full company name, company type (such as corporation, sole proprietor, etc.), and company mailing address. All those items are needed during enrollment. This ensures your Wrap policy is accurate when being issued.

  3. Workers’ Compensation Policy
    Typically, the Wrap policy will only provide coverage for certain on-site policies, such as Workers’ Compensation (WC), and/or General Liability (GL). Most Wrap Administrator’s will require you to provide your off-site WC information including:
    • the carrier
    • policy number
    • your EMR
    • policy term period
    • your Risk ID

    All of this information can be found within your WC policy. However, if you cannot find it or do not know what your EMR or Risk ID is, reach out to your broker for confirmation. In addition, make sure you have your WC class code(s) handy, as you will be asked to provide them for the on-site work your company is performing. These codes are found within your WC policy as well.

  4. Company Contacts 
    Even though your company will only complete the enrollment process for the project once per contract, there are still ongoing compliance requirements for the Wrap-Up. This includes reporting monthly payroll and maintaining a current Certificate of Insurance (COI). When completing the enrollment, it’s important to provide the correct contact for payroll, insurance, etc. This will make sure the right people from your company are aware of the ongoing requirements and will keep your company in good standing.

If you have questions regarding enrollment into a TSIB Wrap program, contact us today and speak with one of our Wrap Administrators.

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