Popular Construction Insurance Acronyms – Part 1

Popular Construction Insurance Acronyms – Part 1

All industries have different phrases or acronyms that are used daily. Sometimes it can be a little confusing! To help you keep them all straight, here are some of the most common construction & insurance acronyms:

  • AI- Additional Insured
  • Back Charge- Services performed by others for contracted work.
  • Bid Phase- The receipt and evaluation of competitive pricing for a project.
  • BIM- Building Information Models, of a project helps visualize and plan the design, as well as simulate the construction process.
  • BRA- Bare Rental Agreement
  • COR- Change Order Request-request to owner for additional funds
  • C of O- Certificate of Occupancy
  • CCIP- Contractor Controlled Insurance Program
  • CGS- Cost Guaranteed with Savings
  • CM- Construction Manager or Controllable Margin
  • CO- Change Order-a change from the original scope of work described in the contract documents, Certificate of Occupancy
  • COR- Change Order Request-request to owner for additional funds
  • COS- Cost of Service
  • DAR- Decision After Reconsideration
  • DB- Design Build
  • DBE- Disadvantaged Business Enterprise
  • DD- Design Development, Design Documents
  • DVBE- Disabled Veteran Business Enterprise
  • ECC- Enterprise Central Component
  • E&O- Errors & Omissions Insurance- carried by Architects & Engineers
  • ECAC- Estimated Cost of Completion
  • EEO- Equal Employment Opportunity
  • EIFS- Exterior Insulated Finish System
  • EMR- Experience Modification Rate
  • F&I- Furnish and Install
  • FF&E- Furniture, Fixtures and Equipment
  • FIA- Final Invoice Approval
  • FY- Fiscal Year
  • G&A- General and Administrative Expense
  • GL- General Liability
  • GMP- Guaranteed Maximum Price
  • GSE- Gross Sales Earnings
  • HVAC- Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning 
  • ICC- Insurance Cost Calculator 
  • IFC- Issued for Construction
  • ITB- Instructions to Bidders
  • LEED- Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design - a Green Building Rating System which is the nationally accepted benchmark for the design, construction, and operation of high-performance green buildings.
  • LS- Lump Sum- agreement to complete a project for a fixed price.
  • MBE- Minority Business Enterprise
  • MEP- Mechanical Electrical Plumbing
  • Mod- Modification to Purchase Order
  • MWDBE- Minority, Women or Disadvantages Business Enterprise

These are just some of the most popular ones. Subscribe to our blog and be on the lookout for part two (N-Z)!

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