Top 5 Risks That HVAC Contractors Face

Top 5 Risks That HVAC Contractors Face

As a contractor working in the HVAC industry, you find there is always a demand for heating and cooling services. Each household and business have some kind of heating/cooling unit that needs to be maintained and serviced regularly. Handling HVAC systems comes with many safety risks for contractors. To prevent accidents, here are 5 common risks that HVAC contractors need to look out for when working on heating or cooling units: 

1. Lifting
Lifting heavy equipment or supplies can lead to physical injury to yourself or others around you. Most of the time injuries are caused due to heavy weight of the equipment/supplies.

2. Confined Space Entry
There are many instances in which the contractor must enter confined spaces such as:

  • Attics
  • Crawlspaces
  • occasionally the inside of larger equipment
This can lead to injury through direct or indirect damage of the body.

3. Electrical Hazards
Installations & repairs involve electrical work, including the handling of wiring the equipment or power supply. Working with faulty equipment or careless handling can lead to electrocution or cause a fire.

4. Ladder Liability
Ladder-related injuries are very common in the construction and contracting world. Improper ladder placement, poor supervision and careless control can cause major injuries or even death.

5. Extreme Weather Conditions
Weather plays an important role when it comes to installing and maintaining HVAC systems. Severe heat and extreme cold conditions can cause harm to equipment and to the contractors as well. 

To eliminate these HVAC risks, check out our risk management plan to help protect you against any of these potential issues. Contact TSIB and schedule a free consult with one of our Risk Advisors. 

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