Lower Workers' Compensation Rates Expected in 2018

February 27, 2018

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Workers' Compensation insurance rates are expected to go down in several states this year. Improvements in workplace safety are a major contributing factor for the lower rates, with around 36 states seeing a decrease in rates last year. 


Workers’ Comp rates are on a steady decline thanks to safety programs

Recent reports show decreases for Workers’ Comp rate filings across multiple states. In fact, 13 of those states show rate-decrease filings of around 10-16%. With the establishment of workplace safety programs, the result is a reduction in the frequency of claims made against construction companies. 

In short, workers are becoming safer. Safer workers means less claims will be made, ultimately leading to lower costs from loss. 


Technology is helping too

As it has in our personal lives, technology is becoming more commonplace in the construction industry.  Technologies like automation are helping to alleviate dangers for those employed in the construction field. Today’s job site technology examples include: 

  • Drones
  • Bots
  • Automated loading trucks
  • Robotic arms to move materials 

As technology becomes routine at the worksite, it should lessen the hazardous conditions workers face.


Strong medical care for workers will be a top priority 

Lastly reforms within the construction industry are keeping medical costs under control and that also contributes to the decline in workers' compensation rates. Quality medical care remains an important priority for companies and their workers. It not only helps workers get the care they need but also gets them back to work quicker after an injury.  

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