Wrap-Ups—A Closer Look at Claims Management

December 15, 2020


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Wrap-Ups are a great risk management tool for large construction projects. There are many moving parts of a Wrap-Up program, which can seem overwhelming if you do not have the proper structure in place. The key elements of a Wrap-Up that create this structure include Program Design, Financial Risk, Administration, and Claims Management.

The Sponsor of the Wrap-Up program is responsible for all these elements. With an OCIP, the Owner is the Sponsor for the project. With a CCIP, the Contractor is the Sponsor for the Project. 

Let’s examine one of the key elements: Claims Management a little further.

Although safety should be the priority for every jobsite, accidents will occur. Unfortunately, if you have any accidents, there will also be claims. To help minimize the stress a claim can have, the Sponsor often hires a Third Party Administrator (TPA) to manage these tasks. The responsibilities involved in Claims Management include:

  • Creating protocols to maximize the potential savings in the loss fund
  • Coordinating outstanding claims with the Broker and the Insurance Carrier
  • Developing a Return-to-Work program, etc.

Also, the Sponsor cannot close their financial books until all claims have been closed. This could happen quickly or take 5-10 years after the project is completed. This is an important factor to consider when determining what type of Wrap-Up fits your project best—OCIP or CCIP.

Understanding how the Sponsor manages all of the responsibilities will make it easier to determine the best Wrap-Up for you. To learn more about the differences between an OCIP and CCIP in regards to Claims Management responsibilities, check out our video below:


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