Wrap Administration Duties

May 15, 2023

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So, you’ve decided on a Wrap-Up for your next project. You know your broker can secure the policies needed for a Wrap-Up. But that’s just part of the Wrap-Up picture. Are you sure your broker can properly manage the Wrap Administration duties?

Often Owners, General Contractors (GC), and Trade Contractors think Wrap Administration occurs only during actual on-site construction. That’s just not true. 

For a Wrap-Up to be successful administratively, it requires a seamless and supportive approach all the way through from pre-construction, construction, closeout, and post-construction. As such, make sure your broker can provide a dedicated Wrap Administration Service Team ready to help throughout the entire construction project.

What duties should the Wrap Administration Service Team be prepared to do?



Wrap-Up Manual Development


Orientations For Contractors


Day-To-Day Wrap Administration


Contractor Enrollment


Contractor Insurance Credit Evaluations


Obtain & Review Insurance Certificates


Collect & Monitor Contractor Payroll


Wrap-Up Program Close-Out


Final Review & Audits

Post Construction


Wrap Administration is so important to the overall success of your project, but not every broker is prepared to tackle a Wrap-Up’s administrative duties. Have this important conversation with your broker.

Interested in learning more Wrap Administration and how important is to your Wrap-Up program? Reach out to TSIB today and schedule a free consultation with one of our Wrap-Up Specialists!

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