What is the Wrap-Up Enrollment Start Date?

February 17, 2023

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As a contractor, when enrolling into a CIP or Wrap-Up program, there is often enrollment paperwork that needs to be completed before a contractor can step foot on the jobsite. As part of the enrollment process, the Wrap Administration team managing the program will ask for the contractor’s start date.

What date is the Wrap Admin team asking for?
Many people confuse the start date with a Notice of Award (NOA) date. A NOA date is the day a contractor won the bid for work. Compared to your Wrap-Up enrollment start date, which is the first day your company has “boots on the ground.” It’s the first day your company has employees actually on the jobsite performing any work. This date does not include shop hours, manufacturing, or office hours.

Why is this date important?
There are 2 main reasons on why the enrollment start date is important:

  1. Risk to the Project
    The enrollment start date coincides with your Wrap-Up policy effective date. This means your Wrap-Up insurance coverage starts on that date. If you have not completed the enrollment process and you are onsite working, you do not have Wrap-Up coverage and are considered uninsured for this job. It’s important the start date is accurate as well in case a loss occurs; your company may be held directly liable.

  2. Penalties & Fines
    It is always best to enroll your company into the Wrap-Up program prior to mobilizing than to be caught without proper coverage. Late enrollment while working onsite creates the need for a No Known Loss Letter (NKLL). An NKLL is a letter from your company to the Wrap-Up insurance carrier stating that you have had no losses or claims while working onsite without Wrap-Up coverage. Some states and/or regulatory agencies impose substantial fines for late enrollments and usually have a very short grace period before it’s too late to enroll. Fines could also be incurred, and should that take place, these fines can be passed down from the General Contractor to your company.

If you are getting ready to enroll on an upcoming Wrap-Up, make sure you put an accurate start date to minimize your risk of being held liable should an accident occur and for any potential fines. If you are unsure on what your enrollment start date is, it’s best to reach out to the project’s Wrap Administration team for guidance. If TSIB is your Wrap Administrator or you are looking for more information about Wrap-Up’s, reach out to TSIB!

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