Employee Benefits Resources for the Holidays

November 15, 2022

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As the holidays approach, and friends & family begin to celebrate, this becomes a time of stress for many. That’s why it’s a good time to remind your employees of their Health Benefits. This simple reminder will not only benefit your employees mentally & emotionally, but it will also help your employees be a more positive person in the workplace.

Here are some tips to share with your employees this holiday season:

  1. Take Time Off
    We all work hard and its important employees use their vacation/PTO days. Not only did they earn them, but it’s also good for their mental health. Encouraging your employees to use them is vital, especially during the holidays when stress can easily mount up. Suggesting employees have a day to themselves without the expectation of work or an event can be helpful.
  2. Therapy
    When the holiday stress gets too much, having a therapist can be useful. The stigma of mental health and therapy has changed a lot over the last few years. It’s important that employees don’t feel burnt out from work and home. This combination during the holidays, may lead an employee to want to talk to someone regularly to help create a good balance in their life.
  3. Work Out
    Many Employee Benefit plans have a fitness reimbursement program. Typically, these programs allow employees to sign up for a gym membership, yoga classes, online workout classes, or have a personal trainer. The employee completes a form and is eligible for a portion of their payment to be reimbursed. Most plans have a cap on how much can be reimbursed in a year, however, encouraging your employees to take advantage of this can help relieve their holiday stress and put a few more dollars back in their pocket.
  4. Know The Hotlines
    Everyone deals with a lot in their personal life and during the holidays, emotions tend to run higher. We never know what someone is going through but sharing crisis hotlines during the holiday season is a good start. This resource can help employees deal with a range of difficult situations including addictions, disasters, and suicide.

Making sure you have a good Employee Benefits program is key. A good plan isn’t only affordable, but it also encourages your employees to take care of their mental and emotional health. When employees are overwhelmed by the holiday season, reminding them of their plan benefits is a huge help. If you aren’t sure if you have a good plan or are looking for additional information on benefit programs, reach out to TSIB and speak with one of our Benefits Specialists to help you get started.

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