Cyber Insurance: War-Related Claims

April 7, 2022

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With the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the insurance industry is bracing for the potential of Russian hacking activity that will target U.S. companies. Though there is policy language currently that excludes war, the interpretation can be broad and difficult to identify the "perpetrator of the cyber attack”. It’s often to a client’s advantage when there is vague wording on a policy.

The Cyber insurance industry has been subject to rising premiums to offset the recent increase in:

  • Claims Activity
  • Ransomware
  • Other Cyber-attacks

Some carriers have adapted policy language and will continue to do so. Other carriers have been slower to react and amend the coverages afforded. What is clear is that there is a lack of standardization in the cyber insurance market and claims will be at the forefront of scrutiny regarding the application of coverage.

The market is constantly evolving to meet the demands of new risks. That’s why it is always important to partner with your broker, such as TSIB, to assist in supporting claims efforts. Advocacy and policy review are key to helping navigate difficult claims situations. The Cyber market will continue to evolve, and it is important to keep your broker aware of your business risks and discuss ways to best mitigate loss.

Working with a broker that is aware of the current cyber risks and knows your business’ risks is extremely important. Be sure to have cyber insurance in case a cyber-attack does occur. If you don’t have cyber insurance or want to learn more reach out to TSIB today and speak with one of our Risk Consultants.

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