6 Ways to Have a Safe Summer

June 19, 2018


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Summer’s officially here! It’s time to break out your favorite summer activities that you love to do. Below are some safety tips to protect you and your family this summer.


1. Heat Exhaustion

Summer is here and it is starting to get hot. If not protected, staying in the sun too long will cause the body to overheat.

Tips: To protect yourself from the sun:

  • Apply sunscreen on exposed skin.
  • Spend more time in the shade.
  • Wear hats, sun glasses, and light colors can help deflect or lessen sun rays on the skin.
  • Keep hydrated.


2. Bug Bites

Whether you’re going hiking or biking, bugs will follow. Some can expose you to chronic diseases or fatality.

Tips: The disease-carrying insects can hide in plain sight. To protect yourself:

  • Observe the surrounding environment. Is there tall grass or an abundance of trees?
  • Wear light-colored long pants and long-sleeved shirts.
    • Carry bug spray with you at all times and continuously reapply.


3. Camping

People are taking out their tents and heading over to campsites. The last issue people worry about is the wildlife they might find there.

Tips: When camping here are some ways to keep yourself safe:

  • Research the different animals living near the site. What types of danger do they pose?
  • Don’t litter or leave food scattered around the campsite. This potentially attracts animals.
  • Learn what type of camping gear is needed at the site.
  • Pack more food than the amount of days you will be there.

4. Beaches and Pools

Everyone is breaking out the swimwear! Though swimming in oceans and pools are two different settings, the same safety rules apply. 

Tips: Swimming in either location could be dangerous. Some tips:

  • When swimming, a lifeguard must be on duty at all times. In case of an emergency, a trained lifeguard can help and prevent a situation from getting worse.
  • Keep a watchful eye on younger children.
  • Do not enter the water 15 minutes after eating for risks of cramps.
  • Swim with a buddy.


5. Concert Safety

When you have many people gathering at a venue, safety becomes an issue. It’s important to take precautions when necessary.

Tips: To keep yourself safe:

  • When going to a concert make sure to go in a group. Being in a groups makes it easier to keep an eye on each other and be safe.
  • Be responsible when consuming alcohol.
  • Know where the exits are located in case of emergency.
  • Be alert. If you see something, say something.


6. Boating

A boat outing can be a relaxing and fun way to spend a summer day with friends and family. However boats can be dangerous if you are not an experienced sailor.

Tips: To maintain the boating adventure:

  • Check the forecast for the week when planning to take the boat on water. Are there any storms in the forecast?
  • Have the proper boating gear and flares for signaling if lost out in sea.
  • Let other boaters know when there are people in the water.
  • Check the boat for any physical damages before sailing.
  • Carry enough life jackets for everyone
  • Take a radio (CVHF-FM) in case your cell phone loses signal when contacting emergency services.

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