What is Ransomware?

August 3, 2021

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The rise of ransomware attacks in all industries is alarming and unfortunately has become an easy “payday” for cybercriminals. There are many types of malware, malicious software that is designed to cause damage. One that has become quite popular is Ransomware.

Ransomware is a specific type of malware that blocks you from accessing your data and software. As a company owner, this is extremely concerning, especially if there is an additional threat to publish your data publicly.

To regain access to your data, you must pay a ransom. However, there is no guarantee that your information is going to be restored even after the ransom is paid.

You need to be aware of what is popping up on your computer at all times, as ransomware attacks often happen through email. It’s important to take a moment and check the sender of the emails you receive. Once you have confirmed the sender is legitimate, it’s safer for you to click on any links/attachments in that email. Downloading attachments from unknown senders is a way for the ransomware to enter your computer.

Additional practices you can put in place include:

  • Using strong passwords
  • Turning on multi-factor authentication
  • Not using auto logins

One way to minimize your ransomware risk exposure is to back up your information to another computer server or application, making a replica of your data. Your backups should be stored offline to avoid any attacks. The more you backup your information, the better. It ensures that if your company is attacked, you still have access to your information. However, it is important to test your backups regularly, in case your data is infected with ransomware, which would spread to your backup. Luckily, you can often obtain previous file versions of the backup before the data was infected if that does happen.

These cyber-attacks have driven the need for Cyber Insurance. If your company doesn’t have any Cyber Insurance, now is the time to purchase it. Ensure your company is protected from ransomware attacks and minimize your company’s overall risk exposure. The internet can be a scary place but protecting your data doesn’t have to be. Reach out to TSIB and speak with one of our Risk Consultants today about the best cyber insurance for your company.

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