Commercial Package Policy: Structuring a Contractor Insurance Program

June 18, 2019

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Contractors’ insurance programs are often written under a commercial package policy (CPP). A CPP is a package policy, which is a single policy that includes multiple coverages written as separate policies. It utilizes separate, stand-alone forms for each policy, each with its own declaration page alongside a master CPP declaration page that details all of the coverage parts.

What coverages are under a CPP

A CPP includes two or more of the following coverages:

What are the advantages of a CPP?

There are many advantages to choosing a CPP for your insurance. These include:

  • Fewer gaps in coverage
  • Lower premiums (since individual policies are not purchased)
  • Savings in insurer expenses are passed to the contractor in the form of a package discount
  • Convenience of a single policy

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