California Updates: New COVID-19- Prevention Regulations

November 25, 2020

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On Thursday 11/20/2020, the Cal/OSHA Standards Board approved emergency regulations for a COVID-19 Prevention Plan that will go into effect on Friday 11/27/2020. This regulation will apply to all Contractors and become effective for 180 days, with possible extensions.

During this 180 day period, the Board may proceed with regular rule-making actions, including a public comment period.

Under the new regulations, employees must have a written COVID-19 Prevention Plan that addresses the following:

  • A system for communicating information to employees about COVID-19 prevention procedures, testing, symptoms, and illnesses. This includes a system for employees to report exposures without fear of retaliation.

  • Identification and evaluation of hazards-screening employees for symptoms, identifying workplace conditions, and practices that could result in potential exposure.

  • Investigating and responding to cases in the workplace. Responding immediately to potential exposures by following steps to determine who may have been exposed, providing notice within one business day about potential exposures, and offering to test to workers who may have been exposed.

  • Correcting COVID-19 hazards, including correcting unsafe conditions and work practices as well as providing effective training and instruction.

  • Physical distancing—implementing procedures to ensure workers stay at least 6 feet apart from other people, if possible.

  • Adopting Site-Specific strategies such as changes to the workplace and work schedule and providing personal protective equipment to reduce exposure to the virus.

  • Positive COVID-19 case and illness recording requirements and making the COVID-19 Prevention Plan Accessible to employees and employee representatives.

  • Removal of COVID-19 exposed workers and COVID-19 positive workers from the workplace with measures to protect pay and benefits.

  • Criteria for employees to return to work after recovering from COVID-19.

  • Requirements for testing and notifying public health departments of workplace outbreaks (3 or more cases in a workplace within 14 days) and major outbreaks (20 or more cases within 30 days).

  • Specific requirements for infection prevention in employer-provided housing and transportation to and from work.

Click here to view the full emergency regulations. If you have any questions or concerns, reach out to TSIB today! We are available for guidance and advice on operational changes, updates on your risk management plan, or impacts on your insurance programs.

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