What is Railroad Protective Liability?

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Construction projects built alongside or over a railroad carry with them a unique set of risks which are not addressed in a contractor’s general liability policy. That is due to the fact that a contractors’ general liability policy contains an exclusion for the contractors work within 50 feet of a railroad. As a result, all railroad operators will require the contractor(s) to provide a Railroad Protective Policy in addition to all other insurance requirements.    

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What Does Pollution Liability Cover?

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When working on a construction site, it’s important to have the proper coverage. Over the past few decades, protections under many policies have changed. For example, before the 1980’s, Pollution Liability was covered under most standard General Liability policies.

At the time, General Liability policies protected an insured from a variety of claims, including bodily injury, property damage, personal injury, and other exposures that may arise from business operations. Today, most General Liability policies have a limited definition of coverage regarding pollution, or there is an exclusion on the policy when it comes to contaminants or pollutants arising from business operations.

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Why Should You Do a G/L Only Wrap-Up?

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As an owner with a construction project and an eye towards risk management, you might not realize there are different Controlled Insurance Programs (CIPs) or Wrap-Ups to choose from. General Liability (G/L Only), Single Project, Full Wrap, Rolling Program, and Maintenance Program are the main choices. Let’s examine the benefits of a G/L Only Wrap-Up. 

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