Project Coverage Methods: Traditional Insurance vs. CIP

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Providing insurance for a Construction project can seem overwhelming at times! Basically, there are two options: the Traditional Insurance Approach and a Consolidated Insurance Program (CIP) also known as a Wrap-Up. So how can you be sure that you are properly protected?

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What are Insurance Rate Pages and Why do You Need Them?



When starting a new Wrap-Up project, you'll need to provide copies of your insurance rate pages; but how do you find this information? Here's what you should know about your insurance rate pages and why they are important. 

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3 Reasons Why Wrap-Up Programs Benefit Trade Contractors!


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Construction is on the rise!  Not only is there an increase in new construction jobs; the volume has gone up as well.  Due to the increase, Owners and General Contractors (GC) are opting to implement more Controlled Insurance Programs (CIP or Wrap-Up) than ever before. Rumor has it that Wrap-Up’s only benefit the Owner and the General Contractor, but what about the trade contractors?

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3 Tips on When to Close your Wrap-Up Contract!

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If you are working on a Wrap-Up, it can be hard to know what to do when you have finished your work. Here are some tips to help! 

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4 Tips About Wrap-Up Payroll!

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Typically, Wrap-Up programs require subcontractors to submit payroll for work done on a project site. Below are 4 tips on submitting payroll on a Wrap-Up!

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What is a Controlled Insurance Program?

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The phrases CIP or Wrap-Up have become buzz words in the construction industry, but what do they really mean?

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